Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

Proctor Tile Company does not accept returns, since everything is ordered specifically for you. All sales are final. Any exceptions are on a case by case basis and subject to the discretion of the distributor.

Material Disclaimer

Variations in color, shade, and markings are inherent in clay, stone and glass products. Any question of acceptability of the product must be resolved BEFORE installation. Proctor Tile is not responsible for determining the appropriate usage of the material purchased. The customer is responsible to inspect material upon receipt. Any damage or incorrect material should be reported to Proctor Tile within 2 days. It is the responsibility of the homeowner and/or contractor to determine the quantity and types of tile to order. Proctor Tile will not accept overages or be responsible for shortages. Shipping/freight charges are estimates and subject to change. Precise shipping and packaging weights can change. Freight charges will be increased or decreased accordingly.

Shade Variation

Due to variations in digital displays, the tile appearance (including color, texture, and size) shown on this website may vary computer to computer and from screen to reality. Photos are for representational purposes only. In addition, tiles are manufactured in batches called "lots". These lots may vary slightly in color/size/texture, etc. The same lot may not be available when placing add-on orders. We encourage you to see samples from a current lot before purchasing.

Before installation has begun, the tile setter should lay out pieces from multiple boxes, arrange to achieve desired effect, and receive approval from the homeowner. This is especially important for natural stones and natural stone looks.

Full Boxes

All "field tile" from our store is sold in full-carton containers. This is to ensure proper packaging and to cut down on breakage during handling. It reduces wait time when picking up directly at our vendor warehouses and decreases the chance of error when pulling the appropriate quantity. It is not possible to divide full boxes, and no returns will be accepted of overage resulting from required full box purchases. The rest of the products on our site are by the piece. This means that most mosaics are sold by the single sheet, but not all sheets are equal to 1 square foot. Divide desired number of square feet by coverage of a sheet to get your number of pieces. Please consult your installer for final quantities.

Pickups and Direct Shipping

Proctor Tile will arrange for direct pickup of materials when available at a Seattle area vendor. This may still be arranged for items that are being transferred in from out of town. Our vendors provide an estimated lead time which will be shared with the customer on request, but this is never a guaranteed time frame. Delays in transit occur frequently that are not within control. Everything within reason will be done to keep customers informed as updates are available.

((At this time, direct shipping is not available.)) Direct shipping may be required for products from certain vendors, and is optional for all products. It is the customer's responsibility to provide the correct shipping information. Further charges may be incurred if the customer is not present when a delivery attempt is made. There may be restrictions on shipping to certain types of buildings. Shipping charges may be calculated at checkout or processed once a freight quote has been received from the vendor.

Handmade Disclaimer

The characteristics of handmade tile may include more irregular edges, watery glazes, crackle finish, and variation in color from tile to tile. These are intentional and are considered qualities of the handmade look. Handmade tile products are made to order, resulting in slightly different color/shape/size each time they are fired. For this reason, take care to order enough material as a second batch may not match the first. Sealing is often recommended before grouting certain handmade tiles.

Natural Stone Disclaimer

Natural stones include marble, travertine, slate, limestone, etc., and have been used in construction and decor since the beginning of humanity. They are prized for their organic veins, marks, texture, sheen, etc. Because they are mined directly from the earth, be aware that the products you receive will not be exactly the same from piece to piece. Each material will have different degrees of this variation. Some will be so minute that you cannot see it and others can be so drastic that they may not even look like the same material. These materials are porous to varying degrees, and while some are highly resistant to staining and scratching they are all subject to both. Sealing and cleaning with the proper materials are necessary to maintaining the integrity of natural stone.